Personalised Health Programs Based on Science

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Designer Nutrition Australia (DNA) provides simple, practical and affordable functional medicine. DNA specialises in the design of individually tailored and professionally supervised, nutrition and lifestyle programs to improve the function of the body which may assist to resolve, manage and/or prevent illness and disease.

DNA programs are based on your unique genomic profile, biochemistry, medical history, current symptoms, lifestyle and health goals. DNA is passionate about helping individuals like you return to a path of optimal and extended health.


How to get started working with DNA

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DNA Mission Statements

To provide simple, practical and affordable functional medicine.

To improve health and wellness of Australians by designing and supervising effective, comprehensive and individually tailored nutrition, exercise and lifestyle programs.


DNA Philosophy

Specialist in individualised medicine using genomic profiling.

  • Nutritional & Environmental Medicine is concerned with the interaction of nutritional and environmental factors with human biochemistry and physiology, and the resulting physiological and psychological symptoms and pathology.
  • It’s evidence-based, drawing on the latest biomedical and genetic science and research, to develop new treatment approaches to illness and disease, for primary prevention, and to promote optimal health and well-being.

Nutritional deficiencies, imbalances, or the presence of environmental toxins in the body can result in cellular dysfunction, illness or disease.

Treatment is aimed at correcting underlying causes as well as providing symptomatic relief.

This may involve:

  • Removal of certain foods from your diet or toxins from your environment
  • Prescription of supplements such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids where diet and lifestyle alone cannot rectify physiological imbalances