How to get started working with DNA

1. For our price list visit the Getting Started page.
2. Provide your email address.
3. You’ll receive our clinic information including price list and available packages.

If you would then like to book an initial assessment, please Contact Me and I will organise a time to call you to answer any questions you may have and make sure Designer Nutrition Australia meets your needs.


Distance Clients

Designer Nutrition Australia provides personalised medicine to individuals in regional Victoria and throughout Australia using phone and/or Skype consultations.

DNA Wellness Program

Designer Nutrition Australia has Wellness Program designed to ensure you maintain the results you achieve and promote healthy ageing. Practitioner Only supplements are available to DNA  patients through our telephone ordering system. Gold Membership holders receive a 15% discount on all supplements. Silver Membership holders receive a 10% discount on all supplements. Orders over $220 (including GST) are freight free.