Healthy Immune System

The Viral Threat is Real

Winter is a season during which many people experience an increased risk and incidence of viral infections such as COVID-19, colds and flu. These can hit hard and fast, leaving people off work and potentially out of pocket, or perhaps worse – ‘soldiering on’ and spreading their viral load amongst the weak and/or unsuspecting community. Conventional medicine has little to offer in the war against these viral threats other than an annual flu vaccine – with only limited efficacy against some viruses and none against others. In addition, it is the nature of these viruses to continually mutate, so even the newest vaccine may miss the mark. So with over 200 viruses causing influenza and influenza-like illness (ILI), and all producing debilitating symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, rhinorrhoea, aches and pains – it is up to natural medicine to help you understand how to support yourself in what is a real threat to the system.

The Body Knows Best

What everyone needs is a robust and resilient immune system, capable of responding to what is an ever-evolving viral challenge. A healthy immune system can identify an invading virus, isolate it by shutting down intercellular communication, and activate both cellular (e.g. T-lymphocytes, natural killer cells) and humoral (e.g. B-cells, antibodies) defences against that invader. Unfortunately, as you know, not everyone’s immune system is as healthy as it could be; the reality being that many of you need an immune ‘boost’. For acute infections, treatment is aimed at enhancing the body’s immediate response; and to help prevent infections taking hold in the first place, the strategy is to promote your longer-term immune defences.

Immune Assessment & Boost

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