Body Composition Analysis

What is Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA)?

Bioimpedance analysis uses frequencies to measure fluid in the body.

What is VLA50?

VLA50 is a device which measures impedance at 50kHz. VLA50 software then calculates body water and body composition using equations based on underwater weighing and DXA. BIA has shown a strong correlation with DXA.


Information Provided by VLA50

  • Body Fat Mass (kg/%)
  • Active Lean Mass (kg/%)
  • Total Body Water (Hydration)
  • Extracellular Water
  • Intracellular Water
  • Cellular Function and Health
  • Biological age

BIA enables me to assess your health and ensure weight reduction is extracellular water and body fat. As a result I can assist you to achieve the optimal body composition.

What will I Recieve

A comprehensive report detailing the results.

Preparation for the test

To get the most accurate results:

  • Avoid drinking excessive alcohol the night before.
  • Drink plenty of water the day of the test.
  • Empty your bladder before the test.
  • Ideally avoid eating two hours prior to the test.
  • Don’t use moisturiser on your arms or legs.
  • The test requires no covering on your foot – make sure you can fully remove your shoe/sock/stocking.


Body Composition Analysis costs $100 for a 15 minute session.

This includes the BIA test, detailed report and discussion of the results with DNA Medical Nutritionist.

How do I find out more?

How to get started working with DNA

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