Genomic Profiling

Since the arrival of agriculture 10,000 years ago,  the changes in our food and food processing procedures have created a range of chemical and physical changes in our food supply that have been linked to almost all chronic diseases of modern society including heart disease, obesity and cancer.

Our DNA variations influence how our bodies respond to certain factors such as foods, diet, nutrients, stress, exercise and the environment. Therefore genomic profiling provides a blueprint to help you achieve our health goals and prevent disease. Designer Nutrition Australia uses genetic and pathology testing to investigate the cause of your health issue. I then design a personalised health program for you which treats the cause, not the symptoms, for long term success.

These are areas of science called epigenetics, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics that uses genomic profiling to check for gene variants (SNPs).

DNA can design a truly personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement program individually tailored for you.

FACT: A Mediterranean diet is not suitable for everyone

When your body is healthy and has access to the nutrients it genetically needs it means that you’ll typically:

  • Age more slowly
  • Experience a higher quality of life
  • Reduce risk of ill health
  • Feel less stressed due to mental resilience

FACT: A large part of keeping your genes healthy and your body functioning properly is a personalised nutrition and lifestyle program tailored to the individual.

SmartDNA Genomic Wellness Test + includes:

  • Lipid Metabolism
  • Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism (AMY1)
  • Anti-inflammatory Cytokines
  • Pro-inflammatory Cytokines
  • Blood Pressure
  • Sodium Sensitivity
  • Caffeine Metabolism
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Fatty Acid Metabolism
  • Phase I and Phase II Detoxification
  • Methylation, Folate and Cofactors
  • Homocysteine – methionine pathway
  • Choline Metabolism
  • Thyroid and Hormone Receptor
  • Acetylation Biomarkers
  • Transulphuration Pathway
  • Glutathione Metabolism
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Antioxidants
  • Amine Metabolism
  • Histamine Metabolism
  • Clotting Co-factors
  • Neurotransmitters and Mood
  • HPA Axis and Stress Responses
  • Circadian Rhythm and Seasonal Variation
  • Iron Stores
  • Weight Management
  • Microbiome Health
  • Sports and Exercise
  • Vitamins A, B2, B9, B12, C, D and E
  • Omega 3 and 6 Blood Levels
  • Co-enzyme Q10 Metabolism

DNA tests available at Designer Nutrition Australia (DNA) are provided by SmartDNA as featured in Good Health Magazine May 2013.

Article in The Age 3/7/2014 Food for thought: DNA helping shed light on our dietary needs

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